Pre-Pay and Display

Automated Pre-Pay and Display

All our facilities have automated paystations. You must pre-pay and display your ticket face up on the dash of your vehicle.


1. – Select rate
2. – Enter last three characters of license plate and press to confirm
3. – Make payment

  • Credit cards or exact change only
  • Machine does NOT give change
  • No refunds for cash overpayment

4. Take ticket and display face up on dash
Vehicles not properly displaying a valid ticket may be towed at owner’s expense and / or issued a violation notice.


Vehicles not properly displaying a valid ticket*, non-paymnet, oversized and vehicles taking up two spaces are subject to violation notices with additional fees of up to $100 and/or towing at owner’s expense. If you park in violation of these conditions you agree to pay the violation fee. Unpaid violation notice fees and charges may be forwarded to a debt collector for collection. The violation fee does not exclude our right to tow the vehicles in violation of these conditions or vehicles with unpaid violation fees. For more information on violations and towing click here.

You are soley responsible for the safety of your person or property. Parking management accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to vehicles or contents. Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.

If you do not agree to the conditions sef forth above you may leave the parking lot upon entering at no charge.

*Valid ticket – unexpired time, correct license plate, displayed face up on dash.